Medical device for screening and monitoring sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is a common but often underdiagnosed disease. Untreated sleep apnea is associated with a risk of many comorbidities, such as cardiovascular disease. In addition, it impairs an individual's quality of life and ability to work and function. The prevention of sleep apnea, early diagnosis and monitoring of the effectiveness of treatment are of paramount importance from both a public health and an economic point of view. eLive's medical device has been developed specifically for these needs. Non-contact and unobtrusive sensor technology measures and analyzes sleep-disordered breathing and also provides next-generation in-depth information for clinical decision-making.

Accurate, contactless and unobtrusive sensor technology

eLive products combine non-contact, ease of use, discreetness and accurate measurement results. The aim is that the measurement method does not affect the measurement result, and the technology used does not interfere with the user's night's sleep or work, for example.

The eLive product family includes medical devices that will go into clinical testing during 2022, wellbeing devices designed for consumer use, research equipment and various OEM solutions tailored to customers. Accurate and unobtrusive measurement of human physiological parameters offers numerous applications both in the consumer sector and in various industries.

Product lines

Health technology

A medical device for screening and monitoring sleep apnea helps in both the early detection of symptoms and the monitoring of the treatment of the disease. The device, based on patented sensor technology, provides accurate information about a patient’s sleep-disordered breathing.

The non-contact measurement method does not interfere with night sleep and thus does not affect the measurement result. Clinical testing of the medical device will begin in early fall 2022.

Well-being technology

The consumer device, which is suitable for self-monitoring of sleep and well-being, is contactless and easy to use. The device provides its user with information about, among other things, the quality and structure of sleep.

Well-being devices are accurate and of high quality, but are not intended for diagnostic use.

OEM solutions and research equipment

We offer customers customized OEM solutions. eLive’s technology can be found in smart office furniture solutions and beds, for example. In addition, we supply research equipment to, among others, university hospitals. For example, in the IDEA-FAST research project, our research facilities are used in several university hospitals and institutes across Europe.

Quality control, testing

Each production unit is tested, measured, and the product must pass quality tests before it reaches the sales package. Testing is an important part of our quality control.

The components, design and software of our MD products are fully compliant with IEC 60601-1.

We use a quality system in accordance with the ISO 13485 standard for software development.